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ENERGY STAR scores change planned for August 2018. Most scores will be dropping!


If you currently have an ENERGY STAR eligible building (with a score of 75 or higher) in Portfolio Manager, we highly recommend that you apply for your certification by July 26, 2018 – before the score change.   The LEA can help get your account verified (an EPA requirement)- for free!


If you feel your building(s) is a good candidate, please contact the Louisville Energy Alliance,, and include:

·     Building Type

·     Building Address

·     Organization Name

·     Contact Name/Title

·     Contact Phone

·     Contact E-mail


We’ll match your building(s) with firms expressing interest in providing pro bono verification. Due to the limited numbers of organizations that offer this service (and other factors), we can’t guarantee your building will be matched before the deadline. If we are successful, you will be notified with their contact information. Once you connect with them, there is no obligation to accept their services.


The LEA is also offering free ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Training Sessions.


Portfolio Manager 201    —     June 29, 2018     —     8:30am-11:00am

Portfolio Manager 301    —     July 20, 2018      —     8:30am-11:00am


Spalding University’s Kosair College of Health and Natural Sciences in Room 113,

901 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40203


Don’t miss this opportunity for FREE Training and to have your building(s) considered for pro bono ENERGY STAR verification!



FREE ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Trainings

The Louisville Energy Alliance, in partnership with Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Sustainability, will host a complimentary ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager 3 part training session June 11th, June 29th and July 20th. The training will be held at the Spalding University campus in downtown Louisville and each session will include a one-hour webinar hosted by ENERGY STAR followed by on-site assistance.  


Portfolio Manager is a free, online software that enables building owners and managers to track and evaluate a facility’s energy and water consumption over time.  Buildings that perform in the top 25% of their peers, receiving a minimum score of 75/100, are eligible to receive the ENERGY STAR certification. 


ENERGY STAR certification shows that a building meets strict energy performance standards set by the EPA.  Buildings that are ENERGY STAR certified are seen as top performers in energy-efficiency when compared to other peer buildings.  Benefits of gaining ENERGY STAR certification include lower operating costs, higher marketability, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and higher rental rates.  


After entering data into Portfolio Manager, buildings owners and managers will become eligible to participate in the Office of Sustainability’s Free ENERGY STAR Certification Program, which allows building owners to receive free verification services from a licensed architect or engineer once building managers and owners have entered their data into Portfolio Manager.


Session One PM 101:

Attendees will learn the basic functionality of Portfolio Manager as well as how to set up an account, log energy and water use data and generate custom reports from the data. Following the webinar, participants will receive on-site assistance as they create Portfolio Manager accounts and enter energy usage data into the software.  By the end of the session, attendees will have entered one year of energy data, have a basic understanding of the capabilities of Portfolio Manager.


Session Two PM 201:

Attendees will  build upon the concepts covered in Portfolio Manager 101. In addition they will learn about EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool and how to edit property data, correct or update property use details, use the Data Quality Checker, and share property data.


Session Three PM 301:

Attendees will build upon concepts learned in PM 101 and 201.  In addition they will learn how to update data using the spreadsheet upload feature; set baseline, goals, and targets to plan energy improvement; create custom reports; and use the Sustainable Buildings Checklist.


Link to registration:


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Angela Futter

Project Manager

Office of Sustainability

Department of Develop Louisville


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